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Tablakala: the European brand of elevating desks

We live in a changing world.

In the world of work, the trend is clear: on the one hand, the work paradigm is changing, with new professions, with many people earning a living online or working completely remotely. And on the other hand, teleworking in office jobs is becoming more and more normalized.

With these trends, elevating desks or Standing Desks have come to stay. Because they allow you to easily alternate between working sitting and standing, which helps to improve health, making office work less sedentary.

Tablakala was born in 2020 in Spain, in the midst of a pandemic, to offer lift-up desks and other accessories to help you improve your workspace. At home or in the office.

As we are a European company, we provide customer service locally, in Spanish, English, and French. Write us if you have any questions.